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Our Values


We are a progressive community of faith, open to new ways of being church. We seeking to welcome all as we have been welcomed by God, without judgment.

Curious Creativity

We welcome and encourage questions and critical thinking as essential to the authentic Christian life. We embrace intentional risk-taking, being open to change and being changed, valuing new expressions of worship, witness, and life together.


We share in creating spaces in which we can be intentionally mindful and attentive to the presence of God in all its varied forms, inviting us to be courageous in pursuing justice, grounded in faith, and kind in all our deliberations.

Community Focus

We continue to exist not only for ourselves, but to bring good to places of need in our community and our world, seeking to console and to be consoled, to understand and be understood, to love and be loved.


We are at our best when every generation is present, honored, and serving side by side. At the same time, we deliberately invest in fun, safe, and transformational spaces and initiatives for the next generation.