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Nashville born & raised.

It was an especially windy morning on March 22, 1916. Legends say that a small boy was playing with a ball of yarn when it caught fire from a nearby stove. He tossed the burning yarn out the door where it caught the grass on fire. The wind did the rest.

By evening, 500 buildings had been destroyed by fire. Woodland was one of them.

* * *

In typical Presbyterian fashion, a committee was established within a week and had three sites for relocation. They chose the edge of town: 11th and Gartland.

In 1917, construction began on a new building that would cost $38,120 at the time.

Architect C.K. Colley was the mastermind behind its neo-classical design. The original design lacked Woodland's iconic dome, which was added just before construction began.

* * *

Woodland's building was completed and dedicated in November 1918. The building has survived storms, below freezing temperatures, and even a tornado.

On the Gartland Avenue side of the cornerstone, there is an inscription:

Resurgam Deo Volente

"I will arise, God willing."

We still worship in this building. We still believe this inscription. And we still believe in resurrections, just as our building testifies.

* * *

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